My first all-VST Track

I used BBCSO Pro, plus Frozen Vibes, a bowed vibe VST. It's for a short film...the ending is abrupt at the moment because I haven't seen what's coming next.

I'd love to hear some thoughts on increasing the realism. I just did a pretty quick mix.

Thanks for your feedback!


  • Hello!

    Loved the piece in general. I really liked the beginning where the audio was panned. The choices of instruments are amazing!

    Generally, I think it felt a bit dry. There is some kind of lack of reverb, but that really depends on the short film. For some cues, it would make contextual sense to have completely no reverb (like ex. a space scene where technically there's no air for sound the propagate)

    So really it depends on the context.

    Really liked the movement and flow of the piece. Great job! 😁