Kontakt layering question

When I am layering instruments in Kontakt -- specifically instruments with different key ranges -- is there a way to get both instruments to be visible on Kontakt's keyboard?

In the example below, I have layered two instruments from Albion Uist. Both instruments play as they should, but only the first is represented on Kontakt's keyboard at the bottom of the GUI. The second instrument, which occupies the space from G#0-G1, is not visible there.

Thank you for any help you can provide!


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    Not sure it's possible with Kontakt, you could highlight the header of each instrument to show the Keyboard range or maybe split the Keyboard to use each Instrument across the Keyboard but depends on the range you need.

    I'm sure if it is possible someone with more experience will chip in.

  • In one of his walkthroughs, I think for the Sacconi Quartet Paul Thompson transposes cello 2 octaves and viola 1 octave to play violins, viola and cello on the same keyboard range as an ensemble. I assume that you will also see those shifts on the virtual keyboards for the instruments.