bbcso core cello problem

I noticed a very annoying sample problem on celli legato and long B3 and C4 note. After 3 seconds of sample playing, we can hear a background sound on both notes. It sounds like a far low F# horn or bassoon note on the cello B3. And a B on the C note.

Thanks for your help


  • Yes indeed , for the celli, there is a Sample problem for these notes ... it's light but annoying.

    What do you think of the G3 violin 1 (legato)... Do you notice anything? I opened a ticket about it and a discussion in the forum...

  • There are "bum" notes on several instruments such as clarinet which are painfully obvious if you play a scale up or down. I would have expected that some sort of quality control would have picked these up before the libraries go on sale.