BBCSO Pro: strings' legato polyphony

edited February 2022 in BBC Symphony Orchestra

Finally had time to sit down with BBCSO Pro, upgraded, and for some reason at least the strings' legato articulations are now polyphonic?

Have I done something wrong? What might be the problem?


  • Hi @leegee - is it possible you have a Longs patch selected?

  • No, I have a legato patch selected.

    I have also re-downloaded the complete BBCSO Pro bundle twice, with no change: legato is now polyphonic...

  • And suddenly legato is legato.

    How could that happen?

    Does the VST by default load/cache longs when it is activated, even though legato is selected, and perhaps then there is a delay whilst legato is loaded?

    Otherwise why could this happen and how will I know it does not happen again?

    I've added this to my support request, which I guess will be looked at when their backlog is dealt with.