Mastering Reccomendation


Does anyone have any recommendations for reliable Mastering Studios/Engineers they have previously worked with?

I've just finished a 4-track EP, that I'd like to get digitally mastered before releasing online. This EP differs from the more upfront electronic music I've written and had mastered so keen to work with someone with experience in more orchestral/downtempo ranges (eg. Olafur Arnalds, Peter Sandberg etc).




  • I’m an engineer/mastering engineer.

    I also am the front man of an experimental psychedelic rock n roll band (for 15 years) and a media composer.

    I have recorded, mixed and mastered bands in my town and have mastered work for composers I’ve met online on VI Control (message board). (And master my own compositions)

    I’m currently in between gigs right now and available for commissions.

    Here is my website with more info and examples of my work.

    Feel free to DM me here, or contact me through my website (better option) if interested! I have experience mixing and mastering multiple genres!