appassionata strings

But does "appassionata strings" have the joints of portamento and glissando? 


  • Hi @Hairabis yes to portamento, no to glissando!

    Portamento will be activated based on the patch and the range being played. Here is the full legato information pulled from the user manual that describes how portamento can be activated based on the patch:

    • Slurred transitions for all instruments sections occur between Velocities 1-99 and overlapping the MIDI notes.
    • Détaché transitions for all instruments occur between Velocities 100-127 and overlapping the MIDI notes.
    • Portamento transitions are available for Violins 1, Violins 2 and Cellos between Velocities 120-127 and overlapping the MIDI notes, but only from E4 on Violins for intervals over a 5th, and from A2 on Cellos for intervals over a 5th. The Legato Offset control changes all interval types so you can go from 100ms (responsive) to 150ms (more latency but sounds more natural).