How to record dynamics without a MIDI controller?

Hi, I am using BBC Orchestra Discover on Garageband, just experimenting a bit. I don't have a MIDI controller (I'm planning to buy one in the future) so I'm putting the notes one by one with the piano roll. Is there a way to add dynamics on top of that? I mean, I know I can use automations, but I' like if I could "overwrite" the notes in the piano roll with input from the slider in the UI of BBC Orchestra Discover, that I would control with my mouse. Is it possible?


  • Not hugely familiar with GB (it’s been a few years!) but I would suggest the answer is probably no. If you switch the track to record and then move the fader in the spitfire app while recording and no MIDI data is recorded or, indeed, no MIDI activity lights jump in to life that would suggest that Spitfire app is the last in the chain of destinations for your MIDI data. I.e. the dynamics fader only receives controller data and doesn’t send it back to the DAW. Hope this is some help but, as I say, not used GB in a while.

  • Thanks! As an alternative, is it possible to add those data in another way? Even after the recording, I don't know, like if it was automation

  • At the bottom of your piano roll, there should be midi CC lanes that you can assign, and control from there.