abbey road 2 slow laod time

so i downloaded the library and optimized it. then when I load it in fl studio it takes about 5 minutes for the whole patch to load. i tried to reinstall a lot of things but I can't use this library like this. i have a ryzen system with 3090 processor. 16 gigs of ram as well. i don't know what to do please help me.

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  • I have the same issue, and several others recorded elsewhere. I am hoping that these can be addressed. At the moment I find this library unusable.


  • Hello @dennisjblaul

    I am sorry to hear you are having issues, I have created a support ticket so we can investigate this in more detail for you.



  • hello @KeithCocker123

    I am sorry to hear you are having issues with the load time of Abbey Road Two, I have created a support ticket so we can investigate this in more detail for you.



  • Thanks Charlie. Much appreciated

  • @KeithCocker123 @dennisjblaul

    Have your issues been resolved and if yes, what did you guys do to solve it?

  • I've had a response from Support on the "Volume" issue and I'm happy with their answer. I just need to factor this into my use. On the Loading time they have promised to investigate further. Very good support from Spitfire as always.

  • @KeithCocker123

    Awesome, thanks for letting me know!

    @[email protected]

    Please let me know when you got the lag issue fixed! I would really appreciate that! 😁

  • I too had this issue. Optimized, re-installed, changed settings within the plugin, and still slow. Even opening a project that has parts already recorded takes forever to load. I don't even use it now because it's so slow. I too hope it's resolved soon because I was really excited when the library came out. Now I just feel like I threw money away.

  • Yeah I feel you. Whenever I switch instruments, I need to wait until it fully reloads again and that'll take ~3 minutes. It's a bit frustrating so I don't touch it anymore. I'm just waiting on an optimization update for the now.

    That being said, when the instrument does fully load, it's fun to play with!

  • ye i haven't heard anything update-wise on the issue or if they are still working on it.

  • Same here. Hope this gets an update.

  • Same issues here. Loading-Time is too long! Unacceptable for a professionell Version. This library is useless for me. I wish I could get my money back.

  • Same issue here.

    it takes too long to load patches. Also very high CPU usage when playing moderate number of voices. Can’t use multiple mics either, because of high CPU use, and crackling noises making it super annoying to use this library.

    I noticed it is still at version 1.0 , spitfire support, please fix, and improve the efficiency of this library. As is it is not a library I would enjoy using, I have the pro version, and would appreciate an update that fixes these issues, the sooner the better.


  • I do like the library a lot, and I’m not a fan of piling on negativity, but I can’t help agree with the issue of load time and CPU usage being sky-high. With a new M1 MacBook Pro I thought it would be vastly improved, and the computer can certainly handle a lot more, but the load time hasn’t really changed at all, and while I now have a great CPU, AR2 still demands way more than a quintet library should. If the legato was the cleanest thing ever I’d understand a little more. But it’s kind of not 😅 so I also don’t know what the deal is there.

  • Yes I don't use it as much as I would like either due to load times. I can literally go and make a cup of tea while it loads. What I tend to do now is a soon as I have a part I am happy with is to freeze that track which helps when I re open a project.

  • It's an issue with BBCSO as well and nothing -- absolutely NOTHING -- is being done about it. I've been talking to Spitfire about this for many many months. They say that they'll look into it and send me on my way, then I come back several months later to inquire and the process just repeats.

    I, too, have started avoiding this software and have ceased buying anything from Spitfire. They're not shown themselves to be a reliable software developer.

  • I too have just loaded the Abbey road 2 software . My computer is more than capable of running this and I also use bbcso core (which runs fine)

    But just changing from spiccato to staccato on ensembles has taken more than 5 minutes and cpu going into red . God knows what happen when I start recording !

    So what is the reason for this and can it be fixed ? Come on spitfire this isn't cheap and we are your valued customers so can you please at least explain the issue



  • I can corroborate - I've had Abbey Road Two since release. The plugin is by far the worst performing in terms of load time / CPU spiking I've ever encountered, Spitfire or otherwise. I'm on a 10-core, 64GB iMac Pro running Big Sur, Logic 10.7.3, AR2 loading off of a Samsung external SSD. I've also found similar issues on my M1 Max / 64GB RAM MacBook Pro running AR2 on internal SSD, Monterey, Logic 10.7.4.

    I have a feeling the CPU problems may be stemming from the Ensemble section feature. But for all patches to load so slowly into RAM, perhaps around 10MB per second, when the patches can be around 2 or more GB, is a huge issue for any composer. In a busy session, running dozens of instances of Abbey Road One is no problem and loads nearly instantly. Once AR2 does finally load its patch, and I attempt to record it, it spikes the CPU while Logic is recording, which sputters momentarily, ending the recording but continuing playback.

    A temporary solution for me has been to Auto Sample the plugin into Logic Sampler (EXS24), at least the shorts. You lose a ton of options and features, but at least I can get some use out of hundreds of dollars worth of strings.

    Spitfire team - what would it take to have a point update addressing some, or all of these issues?

  • This is still a problem (for me, anyway).

    Has anyone heard anything about a fix?” Or workaround?

    just makes the whole plugin unusable for me.

  • Add me to the list.

    Abbey Road Two Professional is so slow to load that it is mostly unusable. I am running Windows 11 with a Ryzen 7 3700 and 32GB of RAM. I use FL Studio and have also tested using Cantabile and it's extremely slow running under both. The libraries are installed on a Samsung NVMe drive which is very fast for everything else.

    Looks like this has been a problem for a year. Any update from Spitfire on a resolution?