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Saxophone VST(s)

(I'm very sorry by advance if my English is not perfect)

Why there is so few amount of Saxophone VST plugin in the market ?

I asked this question to myself every time I'm looking for a great quality of a saxophone virtual instrument and not found it. Of course, I answer that is because it's an expressive and certainly difficult instrument to sample.

But, its an orchestral instrument too !

So, am I alone in this case?


  • Have you looked at the SWAM instruments? I haven't used them myself, but the demo videos sound pretty good.


    Here's a MidiGuitarist using a breath controller, getting a convincing sax sound.

  • This, and to a degree solo male vocals, are the white whales of VSTs. I desperately hope Spitfire eventually put their expertise into a comprehensive sax library for orchestra. I use them in symphonic arrangements all the time and just leave them out of my mock-ups.

  • I think exactly the same. There isn't any good classical saxophone library (the ones that I know are too old or too jazzy). Lucky for me, I play the saxophone, but I don't have the AIR studio available to me to record my parts :P

    So I wish Spitfire one day make a Classical Saxophone library. However, I don't think this is going to happen... You'll end up sooner if you learn how to play the saxophone :P

  • I'd love to see this too. With a good legato. I wrote a piece recently where I wanted to use alto sax for the melody but couldn't find any VSTs that worked for the mood of the piece, so I wound up using clarinet instead. It certainly works, but it's not the sound that I was hoping for.

  • As I've mentioned in other threads here, a nice lyrical Soprano Sax (played in Lyndhurst Hall of course) would be an amazing alternative for the usual reed solos. Maybe I should pester Orchestral Tools again.

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  • There's quite a lot of discussion of Saxophones, SWAM and more in this (admittedly rambling at times, unhurried, relaxed...there's a definite style to it...) Benn Jordan stream:

    The Breath Controller he uses is this one:

    Which seems to be a modern take on the old DX7/WX7-era breath controllers from the 80s.... As with most blown instruments, I suspect that a breath controller is going to be a more appropriate controller for a sax than a mod wheel or a slider...

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