"Genesis" for the Berlin Film Scoring Competition

Hello everybody :)

Here is my composition for the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2022.

All the candidates received the same video, and had to create music on it.

I used Spitfire Symphony Orchestra (pro) + Solstice (a little)

This music is not the Winner of the competition. :'(

If you want to listen without video/sound design :


  • Great work. The composition really works to the pictures. It would have been really easy to over-compose this but this shows some conscious restraint. Very reminiscent of early Star Wars scores, so hope you were going for some John Williams' vibes.

  • This sounds amazing! The music certainly added to the overall storyline. I agree with the comment above, with the subtlety and the restraint. However I have a feeling some parts felt a little dry? It could just be my headphones but some parts would sound even better if there was a bit more reverb, panning, and width.

    Or it's just my headphones. Probably is. 😂

  • I am so sorry for the late reply !

    Gigabang : Thank you ! Yes, John Williams is my favorite composer, although I try not to copy, sometimes it's hard to get away from his style when I'm writing. At the beginning, I had done something much more "epic", but I finally removed a lot of things because the epic style does not look like me.

    Again, thank you for the comment.

    Londoneye330 : Amazing ? lol, I am honored. Yes, I am using close mic only, and I certainly did not put enough reverb... that's why sometime it is too dry. It's not your headphones that's messing up... I always I always fail at the mix, I don't know why.

    Again, sorry for the late reply and thanks to both of you :)