Farewell Albion III: ICENI

Another Albion off to the gallows.

But... Does this mean in time we might see one or two elements hit the originals series? 😙


  • KenJ
    edited February 7

    Or a new replacement Albion? Like Albion One replaced the Albion Volume 1?

  • I wasn't really clear on the rationale provided in the video for retiring this library. What I heard was:

    • It's not up to spec
    • It's fantastic - buy it

    Is this based on perhaps issues that might crop up in professional use? I'm tempted to check it out , but would like to better understand where it's lacking.

    thanks for any help!

  • I thought it was interesting to hear Christian say in the video, something to the effect of,

    …..”before we say goodbye forever in this form.”

    This to me is a nod that some of the material will certainly appear in “another form”, if I had my guess, an Orig!nals release. So it will be very exciting to see how this will play out down the road.

  • Doubt it'll get a rehash as we saw with Albion 1/One. Albion II: Loegria just came off the shelves with some elements going into Originals. Intimate Strings I think. So I think that's the more logical route.

    It's been around a long time, so no doubt recouped and some. The original Albions were the products that made Spitfire Audio so it's a shame to see them whittle the range down, but change is good and often needed for progression.

  • I've had it for bit over 2 months though haven't played with it a lot; but I did notice that the underbelly/sub-bass from the synths, when you play long notes, you hear clicks when it wraps around. Other Albions were definitely more exciting for me.

  • First i was pretty exited by the actual farewell price, but finally i realised that it's requiring the Kontakt Player which i tried in Olafurs Collection... and wasn't convinced at all... because of the native Player. Way too complicated and timerobbing. I really love the Sound, of Spitfire Products, if they run on their own system and i wouldn't be surprised if- in the closer future, they would lauunch a version without the Kontact Player.

  • I still think they’re making room for a new or updated Albion.

  • Well, I broke down and made the purchase, it has been in my wish list many times. I hope we get some kind of discount if this is ported to the Spitfire app. But even so, I am glad I purchased as it has plenty of features. I am off to make another template. 😜

  • I think we'll see some more epic-something patches in Originals! and that's it - I'm still kicking myself for not buying Albion II during it's farewell tour, but online speculation had me convinced that it would be revamped as Albion TWO and I should just hold out... God, I wish they'd pull a Disney and bring it back from the vault for the black weekend or some other short promotion. Intimate strings is alright, but I prefer keyswitches to individual articulations