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This might be a noob question so please don't troll me.

I just read in the manual that the 1st violin section has a range from G3 to C#7. But in my DAW I need to play G2 to get to the lowest note and C#6 for the highest.

In Core I can transpose by -12 to "force" the lowest note as a G3 but this seems odd to me. Shouldn't it be a G3 at transpose 0?

This happens in Logic Pro with an M32 keyboard or the internal musical typing Keyboard or/and in Komplete Kontrol Software. And it happens for other sections, too. Like cello (C1 -> C2) or basses (C0 -> C1) or tuba (D0 -> D1) etc

This doesn't bother me for playing with BBC SO but as I wanted to educate myself a bit on "real world" orchestral instruments an studying its ranges I'm left a bit confused.

Maybe somebody has an easy explanation?

Greetings, rugydp

Best Answer

  • Hi @rugydp

    The answer, I believe, is all about the designation of middle C. Some companies designate it as C4 but others in the midi world designate it as C3.

    Therefore you get the perceived octave change in the instrument range.

    Hope that helps.




  • Thanks Steve!

    I googled about the middle C thingy and found this video by a guy called gh0stwrit3er.

    In the MIDI standard there are indeed different middle Cs: Yamaha (C3) and Roland (C4). In Logic, under Preferences -> Display I only needed to switch "Display Middle C as" from Yamaha to Roland and now everything behaves as expected.

    Something learned.


  • Hi @rugydp

    Glad I could be of help!