Adding Spitfire to Kontact (finding ‘intsruments’ folder)


Can anyone hlep me find the ‘instruments’ folder on my mac for LABS or BBC discover Orchestra. I'm trying to add them to my Kontact contoller. I get only see ‘documents, nks, patches etc.




  • Find the whole file … labs…on your hard drive…click to open…the file “instruments “ should be in there .

  • If not….re-download the specific labs library……the same procedure should work for bbc orchestra…

  • Hi @Johnny_B

    Thanks for getting in touch. Our LABS and BBC Symphony Orchestra libraries are dedicated plugin libraries, so they will not be able to be loaded in Kontakt Player or Kontakt Full. Instead, you will need to find these libraries in your DAW plugin selector as individual software instruments titled 'LABS' and 'BBC Symphony Orchestra'.

    We have a guide that explains the install process of dedicated plugin libraries that you can find here: How to Install Spitfire Audio and SA Recording Libraries

  • Hmm! My BBCSO Core can be loaded via Komplete Kontrol 😀

    It would be great to have consistency with NKS etc but I understand that that involves collaboration - and I presume payment - with NI and for some libraries or some developers its just not worth it? I do appreciate the fact that Spitfire seem to make the vast majority of libraries NKS compatible. It would be nice if those that aren't could be done retrospectively.

  • So I just downloaded labs and I understand that they are stand-alone plug-ins. Is that the only option?

    Is there a version that sill exists that will load in Kontakt? I use Kontakt within Vienna Server so that would be convenient for my work flow. thanks