How can I record so that the articulations I input during recording are remembered upon playback?

I have come across an issue whereby I will record a track region in one articulation (say, legato), and then another region of the same track in another articulation (say, pizzicato), but then when I go to playback the entire track, none of the specific articulations I input are remembered and the entire track is either all pizzicato or all legato. I'm sure it's something simple I'm doing wrong, but is there a way to address this?


  • It sounds like you may not be using the keyswitches? For example, if you are wanting the legato patch, make sure a C-1 appears on the piano roll just before your melody begins. When you need the pizz, make sure a F#-1 appears on the piano roll just before those notes begin.

    I hope this helps!