"HONG KONG" Orchestral mock-up using BBCSO Pro and some Eastern Instruments.

This piece was written to Celebrate the Chinese New Year 2022. I was inspired by the lights and beauty of Hong Kong at night. Please take a listen...any feedback is more than welcome. Thanks!


  • I find the soft beginning and first half stringingly lovely! Really bright and soothing at the same time.

    To be perfectly honest I was a little bit thrown off by the full orchestral bang at the end. Thinking of it, I wasn't ready for it probably because the track is quite short :) Then again, I guess a proper new year's celebration needs fireworks!

    Anyway, really cool piece of music, I feel inspired now! Did you play some of the traditionnal instruments yourself? Love the flutes and fiddle (which, I just looked it up so please don't hesitate to correct me, is called an erhu?)



  • Very nice! I wanted more - always a good sign :)

    I'm partial to composers like Liu Tieshan myself.

    and fireworks are good luck!

    Out with the old, in with the new.....

  • Yesss! Love the erhu and the strings. What did you use for the erhu plugin?

  • Lunar (Chinese) New Year began the first of February and ends the 15th I believe.

    For good luck I released this piece on the 1st, video on the 7th.

    The lead instrument is Zhonghu.