To verb or not to verb.

I know there will be many permutations of the answer but in general terms I was curious as to what most folks do regarding reverb.

Do you create your pieces dry without using the reverb built into the instrument and add DAW or 3rd party reverb after the fact?


Do you use built in instrument reverb plus a combination of built in DAW or third party verb after the music cue comp is complete?


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    Hi @Russell - great question! I feel like the answers here will vary quite a bit, composer to composer, and also based on what the end goal is!

    Paul Thomas made a fantastic video on the subject of using reverbs with orchestral instruments, which you can check out here.

    And @Christian Henson made an excellent video with Jake Jackson on the subject of using external reverbs to blend orchestral samples that were recorded in different spaces, have look here if you're interested!

  • I'm pretty new to all this so have tried a few things recently - lots of trial but mostly error. I record to Logic using a keyboard so I need help to imagine I'm playing a Violin. The more realistic the sound of the sample, the more inspiration I get when playing. If needed, I use Reverb to put the instrument in the room (which might be a bus to effects channel (or two) or it might just be the built in sound of the room depending on the sample - or a bit of both) then add another reverb to the stereo channel when polishing it up. I do spend lots of time 'mucking about' with effects trying to make things sound better - I think the quality of the sample seems to have the biggest effect though.