Keyswitch mappings with Komplete Kontrol S series


I have the buttons on my S88 MK2 assigned to Albion One keyswitch settings (C-2,C#-2, D-2 etc etc). For some reason, they are controlling the keyswitches on my BBCSO Core, even though those are assigned to C-1 and up.

Not a deal breaker, except i was tearing my hair out wondering why i couldn't get Core to properly KS.

Any workaround you folks know of, other than creating a new template for the S88?


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    Yes this will happen to as we use a different middle C value to most DAWs. So they you have C-1 in the BBC plugin, this will = C-2 in DAWs / your controller set up.

    You can use the keyboard slider (top right corner of the articulations pane of BBC) to slider the KS out of the way to a range that suits you.



  • Hello @tonester

    This may have something to do with the way Middle C is displaying, your DAW is likely to be C3, the Native hardware is outputting C3 and our plugin is C4. It may be necessary to set up a different template for this if changing the middle C in your DAW does not resolve the conflict. If you continue to have issues, let us know and we will convert to a support ticket for a better look.