Spitfire audio instruments in Cubase AI

Hi guys

I'm new here and need help. Pls bear with me...

I purchased Albion One, Ambient Guitars and BBC SO and got everything setup with Reaper. Then I had to upgrade my PC. and at the same time I got a new keyboard which came with a free copy of Cubase AI so I thought lets check it out!! And this is where the trouble started...

So our downloaded everything again and when I open up the Spitfire App I see that all three are installed. But when I launch Cubase AI and open up the VST Plug-in Manager I can only see BBC SO. When I follow the instructions for adding the correct path I get the following:

This says VST 2 path settings. But the PI Manager screen it says the BBCSO is VST 3:

Because Albion One and Ambient Guitars are so huge I put them on a dedicated, separate hard drive D:

but no matter which folder I choose to point Cubase AI at, it can't find them. I am at my wits end!! So can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?? As you can see below, the BBCSO .dll files are in the D: location but I can find no Albion One .dll files.

And help would be really appreciated.

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  • Hi Ross

    I think that VST3 plugins go here by default C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 . I have many Spitfire plugins (BBCSO, Abbey Road One etc in this folder. Check in there for your "missing" BBCSO plugin.

    VST2 plugins can be installed into various locations (as in your VST Plug in path settings). If you install them into a different location e.g D:\Spitfire Audio you must add the new location into the Cubase VST2 path settings so that Cubase knows where to look for them.

    Hope this helps.



  • Have you got Kontakt Player installed on your machine? Also, have you registered Albion ONE and Ambient Guitars via Native Access? Those 2 libraries need to be loaded inside of Kontakt, for which you will create a new Instrument track in Cubase, select Kontakt, and then, inside Kontakt, on the left in the Libraries list, you will find Albion ONE and Ambient Guitars

  • @Rossb Albion ONE and Ambient guitars are both Kontakt player libraries, meaning you need to activate them using Native Access as described in this guide. Once you've done that you will be able to load them within the Kontakt Player plugin in Cubase, they won't appear as a dedicated plugin the way BBC SO does.

  • I assumed that if the OP had previously got everything working in Reaper on his pc he must have known about Kontakt Player and Native Access?

    If he downloads to D: then surely you must tell Cubase that you have plugins installed on D: or am I mistaken?

    If you simply move a library from C: to D: then you should relocate it in Native Access?

  • hey guys esp superkons and sandy

    Thanks a million. Together you have given me the information I need. And Steve I did know about KP and NA but what I was missing was the connection between them and the SA libraries.

    Thanks again guys, your help is much appreciated.


  • Glad you got yourself sorted, @Rossb :)