Abbey road strings 2 core vs Pro

Bit of an open question, but I'm trying to decide between the core and pro for Abbey roads strings 2. I'm not wholly put off by the price of the Pro version I'm just not so sure I need it. Presently make music mainly based around songs with vocals etc. I make quite diverse tracks so I want to be able to sit any strings in a variety of setting, but just love the close warm sounds of this new library.

Just wondered if anyone has any advice on how much benefit I could potentially gain from the Pro version in a song production context. Or whether the core will probably be fine to start with?! I would like to diversify into more filmic music over time. Thanks anyway!


  • Hi @ejpwalker - thanks for posting!

    The good news is, you could always start by purchasing the Core version, and then should you decide Pro would be a better fit down the line you could upgrade and your price for Pro would be discounted the price of Core.

    Also, here's a grid with a brief overview of the differences:

    Hope this helps!