An Interesting Title

Hi everyone.

This is my first post here in the Spitfire Audio community, so naturally it's to plug myself.

For those interested to know more about me, it's a boring story I imagine to be slightly relatable. Study music, get a boring office job not in music, be depressed, breakdown, start again. Massive generalizations which suit my low self esteem of course, but nonetheless I'm here with a link to my bandcamp page, and my compositions of January 2022.

These compositions have no objective other than expression, practice, experimentation, and also trying out Albion One which I recently purchased prior to New Years Eve.

So I would love some feedback and thanks in advance for your time.


  • Hello Jack! Welcome to Spitfire Audio community!

    These tracks seems interesting! I like the huge variation of instruments that you use throughout the album.

    What's your favorite plugin to use / favorite Spitfire Plugin?

  • Hi Jack (again) - got about 14 tracks in to your playlist, some really interesting and well written/produced stuff there- by way of nitpicking, I would say though that "Nordic T**t" is a far more interesting title than January 22! Seriously, I nearly did a spit take when I read that: )

    Welcome to the community - have you tried writing to picture yet? - have a feeling you would be extremely good at it! There's usually a Spitfire run competition every couple of months that will give you the chance to have a go and share with everyone. The current one is - but only two days left and you need to buy and use the Darkstar library - the previous one was this - deadline now closed (and winner announced) but the vid is still available for practice.

  • Hi, thanks for the warm welcome, and thanks for taking a listen to my stuff. (sorry about the late reply, I thought I had email notifications).

    For plugins, I usually go for whatever gets the job done, but by the far the most used recently for me is Fab Filters Saturn. Can really bring life to a track using some tape saturation, and being able to effect frequency bands independently means you can keep your low end clean.

    At the moment I've only been using Albion One, and some of the Labs instruments. But will be investing in more libraries, once I've got enough spare cash. Next investment is a new Macbook Pro, still running on 2015 machine, and it's starting to tow a little.

    Haha, brilliant. I struggle naming tracks and albums, the name "Nordic T**t" was purely out of frustration. Also thanks for the welcome. I did see the Darkstar competition, and gave it a go before it closed. Not sure if it's up to scratch but we will see.

    I would love to score to picture, it's just finding material to score to. Had a bash at putting together some videos using stock footage, and uploaded them to my YouTube channel, but I wasn't overly enthralled with my results. Need to investigate further, and try to find some more footage to use.

    Thanks to you both again, I will try to keep an eye on the forum more often. This last month has been crazy, it did kind of drop off my radar.