Spitfire Audio NKS Compatible library issue *solution*

After a computer rebuild over Christmas, I found libraries weren't showing in the library tab of Komplete Kontrol despite fresh install. After a little digging, I found the issue (on Windows PC).

While the registry entries were added for the factory library, the XML files were missing from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center\. They hadn't been installed.

A simple fix for this would be an update to the install procedure in the Spitfire Audio app to check for the relevant .xml on install, and if missing, rewrite.

I've replicated the missing XMLs and can confirm, once libraries are rescanned, they appear in the factory library.


  • How can you install/find the xml file? I am on Mac and although I found the Service Center folder you are referring to, I tried installing Spitfire Audio again but it only allows me to copy the application to my application folder