SCS: Annoying click in transition sample

Hey folks,

I discovered a minor issue which might be easily fixable for you at Spitfire, so I am reporting it here.

There's an audible click when transitioning from C5 to F4 with the fingered Legato Celli Patch of the Spitfire Chamber Strings library (Instrument ver. 1.4.1 in Kontakt 6.4.2). This doesn't occur when either note is played seperately, so I guess it's an error within the actual transition sample.

This can really cut through the mix and is clearly visible in the spectogram below:

I hope we agree that it's not the customer's obligation to fix this, even though they could. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,



  • Hi @kratzchris

    Best to report issues like this to our team directly. I've created a support ticket for you- an agent will be in touch.