Logic Pro issues on M1 Max running in native mode

I have been having a lot of issues running Logic in native mode (not Rosetta).

At first I was very impressed that you can run Kontakt Player (and other non-native plugins) with native Logic, since it runs the plugins a separate process that is using Rosetta. Unfortunately it also appears to be running native plugins via a separate native process too, which seems like it’s causing problems.

In particular, I am getting lots of hanging notes when pausing/stopping/moving the play head during playback, which re-trigger and stick when I hit play again (even if I move the play head to an empty region).

Also Logic becomes unresponsive after periods of inactivity. Switching headphones/swapping audio device is particularly slow too.

I also notice that opening plugins seem to reload the UI every time (rather than just the first time) - the window is small and takes a second to expand to the correct size.

At first I thought it was the spitfire plugins (since I mostly run spitfire stuff), but I now think it is related to this thread on the apple community forum: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/253438649

Anyone else having similar issues?


  • I'm having similar issues to you in native mode with plugins from a variety of developers. I've checked the Activity Monitor and noticed that when plugins are used a separate AUHosting service will open - in fact 2 open, one for native plugins and one for those being run by Logic through Rosetta - that are very resource heavy.

    I found that same Apple community thread and I think this problem's related. I'm surprised at how slow many 'heavy-hitter' audio plugin developers have been to provide M1 native versions. M1 isn't new now, and with so many audio professionals using Macs there surely must be a will to cater for us, so I wonder if it's down to some common issue they're all finding. Apple may be trying to meet them halfway by running non-native plugins through rosetta inside the native version Logic, but the process of doing that has seriously compromised performance all round.

    The only real workaround I've found so far is to use the "Freeze" functionality in Logic, which temporarily creates an audio version of each track you set it on. I do that on tracks that are relatively final (at least for the moment) to leave processing power free for the few tracks I'm actively working on. Logic is then only having to play back audio files on the frozen tracks rather than process them through plugins. As the freezing is only temporary you can go back to unfreeze at any time and re-work on those tracks. It's a pain though and adding a lot of time. Otherwise, I'm hoping Apple will resolve this at some point - really takes the shine off having bought such expensive equipment!