Automation Envelopes in REAPER for Albion One

I know this is a Reaper question, but thought there might be users here that have solved this issue for Albion One.

I use Reaper & am trying create an envelope (using Reaper's ReaControlMidi) to control the Vibrato for the instruments within Spitfire's Albion One. I had no problem creating these lanes for Dynamics and Expression.

[Clarification: This is for controlling the Vibrato function from Reaper, not from the Albion Kontakt library.......otherwise I could just "learn" a slider within Albion, but that only lets me control those functions when "playing" Albion. I need the ability to control the Automation from Reaper].

Anyways, there is no option for "Vibrato" within ReaControlMidi. On the Albion library, if you check the CC Spitfire uses for Vibrato, it says its CC21. So, I figure I could choose CC21 in ReaControlMidi to control. That however doesn't work. In fact, it produces other weird glitching in Albion. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, and/or how to add a lane to each instrument that control vibrato?



  • You don't need to use ReaControlMIDI.

    If a destination is available in Albion 1 then you can reach it by clicking the "track envelopes/automation" icon and assign the envelope to that destination ( like vibrato).

    I don't have Albion 1 but here's an example from Spitfire Symphonic Strings

  • JeffB
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    I'm glad I found this. I am struggling to understand how to edit Expression or any other envelope WITHOUT drawing in Reaper's MIDI Editor window. If I record MIDI notes and Expression/CC11 (for example) using the Spitfire slider, how do I use Reaper's Trim sliders or even the Spitfire slider to later edit (not draw with the pen or delete and re-record) that curve?? If I "arm" the envelope and put Trim into Latch or any other mode, the 2 sliders seem to be fighting each other for control. Both get jittery, the Reaper envelope data curve is a mess, and the original data in the MIDI Editor window is unchanged.

    There is something about these envelopes and how they are controlled that I don't understand. Advice welcomed!!


    And as a PS...The screenshot is for Labs. But this issue really surfaced when I began using my new copy of BBCSO Core along with my new Monogram CC controllers. I found that the issue is NOT which product I was using or some compatibility issue with the controllers. I powered off the controllers for the example below and used the VST sliders. Its really Reaper and how it works with any Spitfire product.

  • billkelm
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    Thanks Edward. that worked great!

    Is there a way to quickly copy those envelopes into each instrument (similar to how you can copy them a track's ReaControlMIDI settings) or do I need to open every instrument and make all 3 modifications?.............or is there a way to globally add those envelopes into every instrument?

  • Edward, Thanks that helps for one of my templates where I have every instrument is its own instance of Kontakt.

    How do I assign envelopes that I can write/record to (for those 3 types of envelopes) when the instrument is just one of many within ONE INSTANCE of Kontakt? how a lot of the Albion One templates are set up.

    In that case clicking on the track envelope button for an individual instrument only gives you a couple options (pan, width and volume), and those don't seem to do anything (definitely don't draw an envelope when recording).

    The only way I can figure out to do any automation in this case is with ReaControlMIDI. Am I missing something?

    And the only info I can find on-line is for when you have an instance of Kontakt for every instrument.

  • One instance per instrument is the way to go - lower CPU hit. Sorry not be more help as that's exactly how I do it.

  • Yeah, typically that's what I do.

    I'm just trying to take advantage of all these templates out there that are set up for multiple instruments per instance.

    There must be a way to use these with automation..............maybe ReaCobtrolMIDI IS how they do it?

  • Just did it.

    Created a track, added Kontakt with Spitfire symph vlns1 on midi channel 1, violas on 2.

    Created a midi track and routed it to midi channel 1 on the vln/viola track

    And another midi track routed to midi channel 2 on that same vln/viola track

    Arming each individual track then plays that corresponding instrument only.

    I armed the violin track.

    Back to the Kontakt track. I right clicked on vln vibrato and chose "learn midi cc automation", jiggled a knob on my keyboard. Controller learned, I disarm and do the same thing on the viola.

    notice that no midi data gets written on the track hosting the ensemble.

    Did this help? I'm not good at explaining things. Nor do I use templates....(other than my own)

    I have the midi editor(s) showing, but you can always press e to get the "inline editor", with whatever lanes you make below the notes.

  • Got to admit that you lost me at "routing". But I really appreciate your efforts.

    ReaControlMIDI does seem to do everything I need.......................and if not, just having multiple instances of Kontakt like you do, always is an oprion.


  • No worries. Sorry. It's a standard feature. (Reaper is maybe a bit more rubbery with regards to all that eg. a track can function as a bus, and you may nest tracks as well.) See the little boxes showing upper left? "receives" (and from where). Hover your cursor over the track header and you can see exactly what I'm talking about.

    For my part I don't get the obsession with prefab templates. For one thing no single library works for me for every composition. I like Spitfire products a great deal but they are a bit like vanilla ice cream - well done but need the admixture of more daring sounds. Maybe it's a notation thing? I seldom notate anymore unless I hire a soloist.

    Also that's a great deal of wasted clock cycles and screen real estate. I have a modest machine but seldom run out CPU (unless Reaktor is involved) - then I'm old, and used to being thrifty with the infernal machina :) Use every instrument in the orchestra for every composition? I don't.

  • Thanks Edward. Yeah, somehow got a bee in my bonnet about having automation lanes set up, but now that I know how to do it, and have my keyboard set up to control things, that urge will pass, and I'll probably set up tracks as I go. I'm just a beginner (and I'm old too - coming on 70), so my arrangements (number of tracks) aren't monstrous in size. Just trying to reduce the technology hiccups that get in the way (often because I forget how to do stuff - especially after a vacation).