Darkstar - Haunted House: problems with random huge audio spikes in Logic?

As per the title. I've been playing around with the Darkstar library lately for the competition, after installing it but not using it much since it came out. I've found I've had random issues in Logic, first of all with the odd track dropping out audio all together one one channel, other times the whole thing going silent, or at other times and most worryingly a couple of times have had massive sudden spikes in the audio where it would suddenly just shoot right up into the red on the main stereo output, causing me to have to rip off the headphones or quickly turn down the volume for worry of causing speaker damage.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? So far I have only ever had this happen when using the Darkstar library, and it seems to follow no logical train of events apart from I have a feeling it has only happened some time after I've been fiddling with the various attack/release/delay/reverb etc. controls.

Most of the time it's OK and I completed the track I was working on, but nevertheless its a bit concerning.

Am on Mac Big Sur 11.6.1, with Logic 10.7.2 on a 2013 Mac Pro 6 core with 32GB RAM.


  • Hi @Bruce

    That sounds unusual. I've created a support ticket for our team, where I'd suggest you send a copy of your Logic project. It might be a settings/ automation issue with the project that we can help you identify.

  • yeah, I had this exact same issue. Actually got really scary at some points with the massive spike in audio. Really worried about potential hearing damage with the sudden massive increase of volume. i think I only encountered the volume spike issue Though no dropouts I think.

    I'm on Windows and Ableton so seems to be a cross-platform issue

    Please let me know if there is a fix. As I haven't wanted to use the plugin since

  • I haven't been able to re-create the fault recently, although since entering the competition I haven't had time to use Darkstar that much.

    If there is any further update on this please post in this thread.