Feature Request Regarding Bass Trombones, Snare Drum and Harp

Hi. I really enjoy BBCSO Core and think it sounds amazing. However, I was wondering if I might request a couple sounds for a future upgrade? I would really benefit from a solo bass trombone rather than always having 2 together. Additionally, for the snare drum, it would be great to have the same techniques for a "snares off" sample.

Lastly, I kind of feel that the harp tends to get lost in the mix. It sounds like it doesn't have much definition and sparkle below C5. This might be the result of only having the tree mic samples in Core. So maybe a solution would be to give Core users a "Spitfire Special" mix of close and tree mics for the samples rather than just the tree, kind of the way Cinesamples has a Dennis Sands mix. Full control of all of the mics would still be reserved for Pro users.

Thank you!

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