Spitfire Solo Violin - Total Performance - Polyphonic Legato


Is anyone aware of how the 'Polyphonic Legato' and 'Legato Type' control functions work in the 'Total Performance' patch? So far I can't find any documentation about them. I experimented with changing the 'Legato Type' values, but so far haven't been able to identify any coherent change to the articulation. I was hoping that it might might influence the number of voices that can be played at the same time.. So that it is possible to switch between portamento and chordal playing..

All the best..


  • I recently bought solo violin, and things got much better after I acquired my cc slider controller. I assigned the polyphonic legato on/off toggle to my variation slider(I have the Sparrow 4x100mm, $100, it's awesome), so when I want to have 2 or more notes ringing at once, I slide that up above 50%. The legato type doesn't seem to do much of anything. The polyphonic notes work on 4 velocity levels. So barely touch with the first note, then a little harder on the second, and so on. It's pretty fun to play with when you start to get used to it 👍️. My 4 sliders are assigned, left to right, as: 1.)expression, 2.)dynamics, 3.)vibrato/run direction on harp and piccolo, and 4.)variation/polyphonic legato on/off.