Just wanted to talk about this real quick. I haven't gone ahead and made a ticket yet, because I know someone else on VI: Control has made a ticket for the same issue. & Others have reported similar things, but I'm just curious if these have been addressed and if any updates are coming soon?

Bug List:

When using the close vintage mic, in violin 2 and walking up half a step in legato it's triggering these horrible lower notes instead of the note you're on. Its jumping down an octave basically.

Then also on violin 1 and 2, depending on the mic (usually close vintage or mix 1) certain notes when playing legato, usually portamento when going anywhere from two or three notes apart from the root, the volume is jumping insanely. I've noticed a lot of weird volume jumps and unsmooth transitions between the dynamic layers when using the fader, but this is usually even more intense when you're barely jumping. I'm talking about in the lower quadrant of the dynamic mod wheel, like going from 30-35% or 35-45%, not even half way...the root note will be soft and then the second note you hit sounds full volume. (It would be nice if this library had dynamic smoothing options like appassionata has, but this isn't the exact issue I mean)

Sometimes I'll play a note (this just happened on the bass) and when I gently touch the next note nothing will sound, then I let go of the note that didn't sound and it will just very briefly make a noise, like a release almost. After the fact.

Some very, very odd behavior. I feel like a lot was missed in beta testing or something?

I love this library and have made some wonderful music with it already, but it's probably the buggiest release I've purchased from you in awhile and curious what's up with that? Especially paying so much more for this portamento.

Thank you for your time and for listening!


  • Same issues here. Another one is Program Change, at least in cubase 11 it isn’t working. I’ve also noticed that sometimes the plug-in gets out of wack and plays synthy sounds - as if maybe the samples weren’t working right and getting stretched out. Sounded terrible but reloading the instruments brings this back. It terrifies me when it comes time to print and I have to check it which is a huge time sync. It sounds so good when it works though so I’ll keep suffering through. I have ticket open but I haven’t had time to send project files because I’m trying to hit a deadline for dubbing stage. I don’t have time to troubleshoot so I’ll just pull out OT Berlin or EWHO opus during the interim. It’s a pain in the butt but you can get most libraries to sit well with ARO if you use the WAVE abbey roads bundle.

    squash those bugs and then port all the Kontakt instruments over while your at it ;p

  • "I’ve also noticed that sometimes the plug-in gets out of wack and plays synthy sounds"

    I've experienced something similar. And low overall volume/dynamics. I did submit a ticket but wasn't really getting the message through. I assume that there will be an update and until then I'm holding back from much use.

  • Yea, these are their flagship products so I doubt these issues will be around for too long.

  • Hi @Michael B. Oliva,

    I've personally not come across these issues, but I've escalated your post to a support ticket so we can investigate. An agent will be in touch with you soon. If someone on a forum says they have already reported an issue, I'd encourage you to get in touch as well, as the more customers linked to an issue, the higher the priority will be for our team to find a fix.

  • Hello Angus, you may remember that I also reported similar issues with AR2 shortly after it was released. Low volume, thin sounds, synth type behaviour. I hope they can be soon addressed.

  • sgodzillp
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    "the volume is jumping insanely. I've noticed a lot of weird volume jumps and unsmooth transitions between the dynamic layers when using the fader, but this is usually even more intense when you're barely jumping. I'm talking about in the lower quadrant of the dynamic mod wheel, like going from 30-35% or 35-45%, not even half way...the root note will be soft and then the second note you hit sounds full volume"

    Doesn't nee to be a note change for that to happen. I'm playing one low note on violas right now and moving expression from 39 to 42 is a big change in volume. So when you play soft long arcs from 30 to 50 you get a bump that is hard to soften. This is even stronger as from value 0 to 39 on the expression nothing really moves. I'd say...2dB max.

    Only way to be safe is set expression at desired value and play with volume.. wich is quite sad :p

  • Yeah I’ve had these issues too, or in that lower quadrant of the dynamic layers sometimes the reverse. Like you could me at medium to lower volume and then barely touch it down to slowly transition downward in volume but it just goes all the way down to the quietest layer. It’s like there’s no difference between 0-30% then it just hits 30% and u blink and it’s now 50%.

    I hardly write with longs or legato at the moment with this library which is a shame and just use the shorts. Compared to BBCSO and Appassionata these dynamic layers are really really weird and I hope they can fix it somehow.

  • This library needs a lot of fixes, and efficiency improvements.

    hopefully we Will see an update that improves, and fixes a lot of the issues reported soon.

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    Just upgraded to pro and I realize the Violin 1 legato has a weird sound when you play the legatos bellow. Sound like a short slap delay in the stereo field. Don't know if it was mentioned in the forum already :

    C3 to Eb3; C3 to E3; C3 to F3; C3 to G3; C3 to Ab3; C3 to A3; C3 to Bb3; C3 to B3 and finaly C3 to C4 it is more obvious around C3 to B3

    I also hear it on C#3 to F#3; C#3 to G#3; C#3 to A3: C#3 to B3; C#3 to C4; C#3 to C#4

    I didn't spot that on core version, but here with the mic position, this "artefact" is very obvious with close mics.


    spotting more artefacts as i'm preparing my template with pro :p

    Alto Legato G3 to D#4 (also G#3 to E4) has a clic C#4 to A#4 (also D4 to B4) Db3 to A3 (D3 to A#3) C3 to F3 (B3 to E3)

    --edit.. oh dear it's every where.. is that my doing something wrong ? I start to check my soundcard as the glitch sounds like unproper sync soundcards or asio problems. But really It's just on these notes so I guess it's the samples. So Alto Legato Gb3 to Eb3 (G3 to E3)

    I'll stop reporting this i'm not sure i'm soing something wrong please tell me if so and it takes to much time there glitches everywhere.. i'll try to hide this in the mix but would be nice to hopefully fix this because else.. solos would sound terrible.

  • Hey Spitfire Team, any patches on the horizon? Mentioned semitone legato issue is really annoying.

  • I also noticed something yesterday in the AR2 plugin which was an inconvenience, haven't tested yet if other plugins do it but when I removed all of my unused articulations in prep for mixing (apart from the one I was keeping which was untouched) and saved, my RR options for that instrument had been reset to none. I had only set this in a couple of instruments so its not too painful to set back again but this would have been a problem if I had set this in multiple instruments in a big template or not noticed it. I only noticed it during playback when I could hear the instruments sounded different to how I had set them up originally with the RR options

  • I've just got AR2 core and I love the sound. But there is something weird about the legato (both performance legato and slurred legato). If I play the exact same midi part in violin 1 and violin 2 the legato transitions are often way too loud in Violin 1, some transitions are worse than others (and the timing settings doesn't change it). They are annoying, sounding like a bad violinist. I have 4 other solo strings libraries and no other has this legato problem.

    I don't know what to do, this library has by far is my most favourite sound, but I feel that I can't use violin 1

  • i would like to know why the longs in the ensemble patch c0 is in tune and e0 is in tune but c#0 or d0 is half a semi tone out ?

    you can correct this by turning the expression (mod) wheel all the way down but if you put it up it is horrible sounding and very obvious

    the other articulations don't do this.

  • turns out this is in any double bass longs

  • @Angus any word on patches for AR2?

    Everyone I know on VIC and here still seems to have the same issues.

    especially with the portamento legato on select microphones. (close vintage, etc)

    These are very frustrating bugs considering the portamento and the extra mics were the reasons PRO costs so much more money than CORE, but there's bugs in half the extra mic signals with the bonus legato...

  • Bump for any updates on this library and patches for the bugs in legato? It's almost been a year since release....

    @PaulThomson @Angus @Christian

  • I haven't noticed anyone else comment about this but the keyswitches labeled are one octave higher than they actually are labeled as. If anyone else runs into this.

  • Using my Abbey road 2 "pro..." today.

    Still annoyed by bugs and programmation problems. Anybody working on this thing ?

  • Seeing these issues and the lack of corrective action, one asks if SA is still monitoring this community since Angus moved. They seem to be busy releasing all sort of weird often free sounds libraries but neglect paying customers for what is supposed to be a unique high end product. Also the quality control at SA before releasing a 500 Euro product needs to be seriously improved.

    I started testing AR2 today by simply drawing regions fro now with quarter notes with the full chromatic range of the instrument and copying as many times as there are articulations with some transpositions for the harmonics. All regions have the same parameters on track level. I tested with volume at 0dB, 100% and 50% expression and also 100% and 50% dynamics till now. I found some weird issues with the HT Trills in the high range. On Logic A#5 and B5 in Violin 2 do not sound the same as the other HT Trills. It might be a round robin issue as the Violin 1 also had the same issue with A#5 but after playing though 5-10 times it is gone. I think it is the starting note of the trill which is not the same for all pitches-.

    Another point are the very high Harmonics. I am not a violinist and know from the guitar how many possibilities there are to generate the same pitch harmonics. However I noticed that A#6 till C#7 for violin 1 one actually sounds the same in height as the D#6 till F#6 harmonics and for violin 2 this issue starts a half tone lower G#6 till C#7 sound like C6 to F#7 harmonics. So A#6 respectively G#6 are sounding lower than A6 and G6.

    If I find more I will repost and will also check the other issues mentioned a year ago.

    I still have high hopes that the full library (Pro) which I installed yesterday does have some fixes. Note that in the past I had some good interaction with SA on a ticket for ARO one and they actually released a silent update which corrected the issue for some reason.

  • I finalized my test. I have not been able to reproduce the issue with the legato presented at the start of this thread. So this might have been solved in a silent update.

    On the other hand I found some issues with the double bass. Long and Legato the lowest three notes in Logic C0. C#0 and D0 all sound like C0. Correct for the other articulations. Further for Staccatissimo the A1 and A#1 sound to me the same as A2, A#2.

    Probably not a bug but I did notice that also for the double bass with Sul Ponte, Sul Tasto and Tremolo as from G1 the attack and general bowing technique sound different than the lower notes.

  • Michael B. Oliva
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    I still have the bug in violin 2 on the close vintage mic. No update has ever been rolled out for this library over a YEAR later.

    Multiple people in VI-Control that I know filled tickets last January and spitfire said they’d look into it. A year ago. I recently filled ticket as we’ll because I’m fed up.

    Someone got back to me saying they know about it and are working on it.

    I feel ripped off. This library has been broken from the start and I don’t understand how they haven’t fixed this fucking bug in a year. The extra mics and the portamento are why we spent so much extra money on this library and these are ironically the things that are broken.


  • Andrew Ernst
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    I was curious about the portamento Violin 2, so did a quick play through. I was playing B2 transitioning to C3, and when going up the keys, instead of the sample for C3 playing, it sounds like an A2 sample plays. Going down the scale, the correct note for C3 plays. This is using Close Vintage signal and the Portamento Legato.

    Taking this one step further, try playing a scale from the lower range upwards. It's not at all correct. Here's an example.

  • Hey everyone, please make sure to submit a ticket if you've experienced anything from this thread. I've been told that unless users submit tickets, there is nothing they can do... which means that a quota of users need to be submitting tickets for them to even begin an update. So, let's all submit tickets, there's a great sounding library buried in there somewhere after all...

  • It is rather frustrating. In my opinion Spitfire should refund 10-20 Euro for each bug found by a user instead of their quality control. Their quality control is lacking since years. Example BBCSO is still not bug free. It can be a huge saving rather launch a 80-90% finished product at a convenient date with a big marketing circus than work on it for a few additional weeks and have a 99% correct library. The test work is a bit boring but for a product costing close to 500 Euro it should be done.

    I wonder if artificial intelligence can help here. A program can certainly find missing notes, notes with the wrong pitch and wrong notes activated when playing specific intervals. It should be possible to find them but it would also require a very rigorous recording protocol as some samplessawq and transitions we discover erronous might really be missing in the recorded samples.

  • Hi Andrew, my test was above velocity 19 so no portamento but I can confirm. With close vintage violon two at velocity 13 all transitions sound weird and there are several issues. First bad one A2 to A#2 which give sort of a clicking sound.

  • Sooooo…..

  • Hi,

    just poping by to read if the AMB mic for the Cello Legato is buged ? when activated the only thing I hear are little clics.

    I have no hope from SA to do anything about this product anymore. It's realy shamefull how much it's buged and crapy.

  • So last time anyone has said anything about Abbey road Two has been months ago , why??? the bugs .... all of them are still there, .do you not think they are important to fix both for your reputation and from a customers standpoint ?

    "we are working on it",.... seems vague and a lot of time has passed ,...come on guys!

    You can.... and do make some amazing products and i still support you , as i just purchased abbey road 1 violins and cellos , but i think this needs to be addressed and not left . be the company everyone wants you to be!,

    Apologies if i sound rude or off-putting but its time. I and many others have purchased in good faith and would love to see this addressed. i also realize that the new abbey road orch cellos need a little fix with the shorts,... and as the new flagship will take precedence please at least give us an update on Two.