originals - epic brass and woodwinds update ,broken again!

for crying out loud spitfire!

all projects broken. AGAIN!

do you even test those updates?

i would understand if it happened once, but it's THIRD time in recent time.


  • Hi @Tomasz

    We test all of our products on most DAWs, however, you may run into issues with older operating systems and DAWs that are no longer supported by the manufacturer (we recommend Mac OS 10.13 or above, and Windows 10 or above to avoid any issues with compatibility and security). Additionally, due to recent updates with Mac OS, we have had to drop 32bit compatibility, so you should make sure your DAW is 64bit compatible, and if you are using Logic 9- this is no longer supported.

    I've created a support ticket for you so you can discuss this with our team.