How to use transposed instruments


at which stage does transposing of instruments come into play?

1) Noten, for example in Dorico or any other scoring approach.

2) Midi note in DAW?

3) or at the virtual instrument?

in other words, let's say a F trumpet. Wikipedia say, if you write a C4 it plays a F4. ok, so, the oposite around, I want to have a F4, how to archive it?

I am a beginner and can't rely on a musical trained ear. If there is YT or documentation from Spitfire I am happy to watch it of course.

Thank you so much, keep composing, wherever you are.


keep composing, wherever you are


  • Playing VSTs on a MIDI keyboard will always give the note in concert pitch, not transposed. (So a C3 on keyboard will play Concert C3)

    Notations software are where you need to transpose. I'm not sure about Dorico, but most notation software I've seen has a concert pitch view and a individual instrument view. I would compose in concert pitch, then let the transpose function do its work and it will change the pitches accordingly.

    This might sound confusing, but hope this helps! (I'm pretty sure someone can explain this better than I do, any help?)