Studio Orchestra: huge difference in volume between long and short notes

I just purchased the Studio Pro bundle (woodwinds, brass, strings) and the long and short articulations have drastically different volume levels.

I am generally pretty experienced (15 years, though more self-taught) using virtual instruments in a DAW, and while various libraries have their quirks to work out, this one has really frustrated me from the beginning.

My "experiment":

-Using Flutes a3:

-I used the exact same settings and velocity on the same track.

-The staccato (and staccatissimo) at 64 velocity measures -40.5 dB

-The legato measures -26.2 dB.

To get the same volume I have to pound the controller to get a good staccato note, OR just make a different track for every instrument's staccato notes and boost the velocity afterwards, which almost doubles the time it takes to just use a keyswitch (time that I don't have).

Staccato should be just as loud if not louder at the same velocity, right? It's a stronger attack than legato, and the A of ADSR should be higher than legato, right? I don't understand how the recording of the articulations produced such a discrepancy in volume.

Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated because right now, this feels like a huge mistake purchasing this.