BBC Orchestra not playing back audio in DAW

Looking for help to get some sounds from the BBC Orchestra to play. I'm using Reaper on Windows 10 with the latest updates and have the Labs also installed, however those are working fine. The installation was all done and set up to use default paths and I followed the online Youtube tutorials to make sure I set it up right. The one thing I noticed that may be the issue is the VST3 install path for the 32bit shows it does not exist. I assume it should have been installed by the app, so I'm at a loss as to what to do so that I can start enjoying the sounds. Help Please!

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    Hi @Macraven

    Due to recent updates with our plugin to keep up with the latest OS updates from both Apple and Windows, we have dropped 32bit support. You should be able to use the 64bit version of the plugin if you have the latest version of Reaper and compatible hardware.