2 issues with articulations


I've 2 issues with articulations :

1) When using key switches in Ableton Live 11, I need to set the key swiches 1 octave lower than indicated for them to work ?!

2) On several instruments, Cor Anglais most notable, there is a huge difference in volume and attack between tenuto and long articulations, which I cannot seem to smoothen out. Is there any guidance on how to smooth these out, so I can write a long melody ?


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  • aldous
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    Hi - your first one got me too, but @Angus reminded me that some DAWs refer to middle C as "C3", and others call it "C4". Logic and Ableton use the C3 convention, whereas the plugin uses C4... so they agree on which note is the keyswitch, but they're giving it a different name: an octave lower in the DAW vs the plugin, in our case.

    I have Core, so no (native) Cor Anglais, but using the Clarinet patch I find the long articulation can be both louder than the loudest tenuto and quieter than the quietest, so you should be able to balance them. You'll need to use dynamics/modwheel for the long, but velocity for the tenuto since it's a short articulation: e.g. long with dynamics around 60% roughly matches a tenuto with a high velocity here (I left expression at 100% for both.)


  • Yes, as @aldous said for point one.

    For point 2, I'd also add that Tenuto is a "short" articulation in this library. Short articulations are controlled via the Velocity of the note, whilst Long articulations are controlled via the Mod Wheel. So you may find increasing the Velocity of the Tenuto notes helps to balance each technique.

    You can of course also use the Mod Wheel to find a better balance, or if you have the Pro version of the library, you can turn off Global and rebalance the mic signals.