Expression controller E Touché

Hi all… any opinions on this? At $400 it’s not cheap but could do double duty as CV controller and a midi expression/volume/vibrato controller. I love to use analog synths as adjuncts to orchestra, so, maybe worth it? Thx for the opinions.


  • @Jgirvin there are other options out there if you just need to control one MIDI CC with a volume pedal. But often the cheaper models don't allow you to reprogram the MIDI CC, and only allow for one CC to be automated at a time.

  • It’s a great controller (I own one) but I would probably not use it as a controller for an orchestral library as it is more made for synths that offer more controller targets. (Filters, LFO,.. )

    There are quite a lot of 3rd party plugins (e.g. Arturia) that can work with it and Expressiveé has their own acoustically modelled violin, voila and Cello plugins that sound awsome, when you use Touché with them.

  • Love the feel of it, but it's like a pitch wheel, and returns when you take your hand off of it from any angle.