Firewood Piano very detuned below C2

I love the lo-fi sound of the Firewood Piano, except for one thing: all notes below C2 seem to be so out of tune that they're unusable. I understand it's the character of the piano, and there's definitely some higher notes that aren't in perfect tune either, but below C2 it just goes ... unbearable. Now, I know I am more sensitive to out-of-tune pitches than most people, but doesn't this bother anybody else?

E.g. the piece I'm working on, I'm manually adjusting the pitch for the low bass notes with 10 to even 20 cents, before they start to come close to sounding right. That's not a huge issue for the single pitches, but it's a real PITA fo chords, where the notes aren't detuned the same amount and I need to repitch them separately.


  • Hi @creynders

    I've created a support ticket for you so that you can discuss this with our team directly and they can submit your feedback to the product manager.