BBCSO Winds sfz on the horizon?

I just went to back/warm-up my sfz brass part with some sfz winds, but was disappointed not to find sfz samples for winds. Any chance this might arrive at some point? It seems like a fairly significant omission... Would be happy to upgrade from Core to Pro for it, but don't see it there either.

Great library, btw, so I'm not complaining! But would love this addition to keep my sound unified (rather than having to bring in other libraries for the job).


  • Hi @jbm, very glad to hear you are enjoying BBC SO! We are unable to comment on potential future updates to our products until announcements have been made, but we will certainly keep your feedback in mind.

  • HI @Sarah, I kinda figured that would be the case, but hey, worth asking... :)

    Looking forward to any and all updates! Also worth mentioning that I'm tempted on an almost daily basis to upgrade to Pro, so it's likely only a matter of time.