BBCSO Pro - lack of dynamics


as far as I love the sound and complexity of this library, I can't get rid of the taste that it misses a lot of dynamics (f , ff). It seems that 3 dynamic layers - especially for brass - is not enough for such a premium product.

Do you think there is a possibility that Spitfire will extend the dynamic layers to incorporate something more than a "mf" for Brass or to have smoother transitions between dynamic layers when using a timbre change (CC1) without hearing the buzz between second and third layer?

Some info from Spitfire would be great but I doubt such information will be clarified. :)


  • Hi @GeNeTiC

    This library contains Pianissimo to Fortissimo samples (pp-ff). Worth noting that different orchestras will have different approaches to interpreting dynamics, so it will not be precisely matched across all products you own. Additionally, this library is aimed more at orchestral composition, rather than cinematic, so will not contain the bombastic brass you might be used to from that genre. For cinematic brass, check out the Abbey Road One series.

  • Thank you for your response, I understand that. One of the reasons I asked this question is that there is a big difference between the timbre of ff of longs and shorts. Shorts has that bite that I would be completely fine with if longs had it as well so it feels that it just misses one more step to be perfect.

  • I'm discovering the beauty of being able to combine the 'Long Cuivre' articulation with any other articulation to suit the needed brass sound.

    The new 'duo-articulation' breathes new life into the brass, and the Dynamics and 'brassiness' is fantastic and very controllable.

    Congratulations Spitfire! (coming from a pro trombonist!)

  • I wouldn't put the blame on the different approaches between classical vs cinematic orchestral sound. There are not many situations in real life where composers really need orchestra to sound more "cinematic" than what we hear in classical music of Mahler, Wagner, Stravinsky etc. and I don't think @GeNeTiC asks for more. :)

    I'm sure Spitfire Audio can hear the lack of dynamics as clearly as we do, thus they decided to create Abbey Road with 5 layers. ;)

    In general, 3 layers of dynamics in the case of BBCSO Pro is a real bummer. Because of this restriction, I think dynamics had to be narrowed, to mask crossfade between only 3 layers to be acceptable. Even with narrowed dynamics pp-f we all can hear the transitions. Imagine that the recorded instruments had more extreme dynamics ppp-fff. The crossfade between 3 layers would be so much more obvious, rendering dynamic changes even more unnatural.

    I would love to have 5 layers of dynamics in BBC SO Pro, even at the cost of some not so useful mic positions, but for now, the solution is to buy extra, more dynamic libraries, or combining articulations like @cmillar and @KristoferAlanParker already suggested.