Hello brothers and sisters, I hope you enjoy my creepy horrifying music I have created!

The Libraries I used are:

Abbey Road One

Albion ONE

Albion NEO

BBC Symphony Orchestra

Olafur Arnalds Evolutions (Warped)

HALion Sonic SE -=- Olympus Choir

Lord Of The Strings by Taron which can be found on = http://www.taron.de

Thank you Taron for allowing me to use both Lord Of The Strings and Vervette I really appreciate it mate!

Also a big thank you for taking your time in listening to what I have created, any positive or negative feedback is much appreciated.


  • Great job, Jason!

    There's something curiously awake about this, like a lucid nightmare of sorts. You're making me proud for using some of my tools in and around it! Awesome! 😃

  • Thank you for your nice comment brother, also thanks for letting me use your tools, if I ever make a dreamy kind of music again I'll be sure to look in your bag again hehe!