Workflow during the edit?

Hello everyone,

I am working on my first professional score, a documentary around 30min in length. The workflow is different than the student short films I have done in the past. Previously I was brought in after the edit to replace the temp tracks, for this film I am creating music concurrently with the edit.

This has had pros and cons. The editors like being able to request music changes but I don't feel very efficient and cant flesh out ideas fully before changes are made to the pacing or emotional tone. To anyone who has experience composing alongside the edit, have any tips?


  • From what my other composer friends tell me, it's a constant struggle!

    They try to make key motifs and themes that resonates with the editor, and when changes do happen, they would try to make something that still revolves around the motifs by altering it in a different way (reharmonization, tempo, instrumentation, etc.)