What's BBCSO Core and/or Abbey Road Two sample start time (Tightness value)?

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I'll admit that I use those libraries a little more creatively and mixed up with audio tracks. Due to that some passages feel a little wobbly. Especially spicccato and staccato even with Tightness to the max just don't seem to be exactly in time. But pizzicato is. So it's not an overall technical issue but something else.

Before I upgraded to BBCSO and Abbey Road Two I used Audio Imperia stuff and they had that "Sample Start" knob which was in ms and so via track delay negative X and the knob set accordingly you can nail the timing without cutting sample starts, bounce it and have a rough but halfway natural sounding file to work with until you come back to naturalize it further after recording guitars, vocals etc. (it's 'Metal' what I'm creating although I have purely orchestral sequences in there).

Can I find those values for the different variations somewhere? Before I start moving single notes around pixel by pixel to keep the sample start but nail the timing I guess it's better to ask - especially since I haven't used something as powerful as BBCSO before. So there might be just an oversight on my end.

Come to think of it: should the Expression be set to a lower setting for more blunt timing?

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