SSO Update Wishlist

As I've said in other threads, I think it is pretty much a given that Spitfire is working on porting SSO to the Spitfire plugin. I believe that the delays in getting the mic expansion packs out is directly related to this, and that they will be released as "Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Professional" in their plugin, with a simultaneous update to the existing SSO, also ported to their plugin.

I know they can't confirm it at this point, so it is 100% speculation. But there are a few things I would like to see in an update (besides the basic bugfixes and tweaks).

  1. Ensemble patches for Symphonic Brass and Symphonic Woodwinds (like those already existing in Symphonic Strings and Chamber Strings). Perhaps even an extra Low Brass ensemble for SSB.
  2. Performance Legato for all instruments.
  3. An option for the brass, where the highest dynamic layer switches to cuivré and/or applies some EQ to get that "epic" sound. I know you can set triggers based on velocity to switch between articulations, but that only works for separate notes (you can't do it in the middle of a long note, for instance).
  4. A version of Masse for owners of SSO Chamber Edition (I would really love to hear how the 'Cool Strings' patches sound with the Chamber Strings samples).
  5. An 'ensemble builder', where you choose which instruments you want to include, whether you want an instrument transposed up or down an octave, and so forth. The plugin should intelligently set the levels for each section to get a balanced sound based on your choices, but also allow this to be tweaked by the user.

I know that #5 is a pretty lofty request, but it would be nice!

Does anybody else have any ideas on updates to SSO?