What is expression really for?

I see several uses of the expression slider, not at all, or mirroring the dynamics slider, can someone explain this? As I read it was really just another volume slider, so not sure why you would tweak that under normal circumstances.

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    Hi @cbx33

    Using Expression alongside Dynamics allows you an extra level of control over the dynamic level of the instrument. You can smooth out dynamic transitions, or make crescendos more dramatic. In addition, most instruments will continue to play at pianissimo if the dynamic control is at zero- so moving the expression to zero cuts the instrument out if you need a smoother ending to the note.


  • Thanks @Angus - smoothing out dynamic transitions is a good use for this! Is it implemented just as a volume control?

  • @cbx33 the Expression controller is a volume control and saves you using the Master Volume (CC7), which should be left at the default level to avoid any audio peaks.