Getting a faster attack sound from instruments without resorting to stacatto

I've noticed that many of my lead lines often sound a little delayed in comparison to what I was expecting, is there a way to get a faster attack on longer notes?

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  • Think I have seen somewhere on this forum that there's a way to program certain DAWs to get the midi to play ahead of the beat for a whole track so the notes aren't "delayed". Alternatively, my considerably less sophisticated method is to turn off "snap" and drag the midi notes slightly (possibly just a couple of milliseconds) to the left until they land where your ear wants them to be (I'll usually put the section in question on a loop and experiment). Possibly interesting fact- I understand Deadmau5 does this with his snare hits so they slightly anticipate the third beat of the bar.

  • PS - just reminded myself we are in the company of giants with this one:

    (see 1:30:15ish onwards and particularly 1:34:04: )


  • Yeah, I also am still struggling with timing legato nicely. It's so tricky. I'm always nudging notes without snap, simply because the legato won't quite have a consistent offset for the "meat" of the note, so to say, for a number of good reasons. Since velocity will allow you to switch transitions, you can't have any quantized lines that way, for example. Currently I'm running a metronome for each line to move notes until they sit right. It's a little painful and makes me question my approach quite a bit. However, it sounds beautiful, yay! I wonder, if there is some sort of concrete information about either the delay of the notes/transitions or some way to adjust it, similar to tightness?

    Anyway, I'll be watching this thread...🤓

  • Hahahaha, definitely emotionally helpful! 🤣 Thank you! 👍️

  • Yeh- I'm thinking about using the freeze feature so I can see the waveforms and then from that can see which notes to drag back and by how much. We'll see how successful I am.

  • In Cubase there's a feature called "delay compensation" which you can set a number of milliseconds so the DAW reproduces the VST that number ahead or behind. I know that there are anothers DAW which have similar features.

    This "negative track delay database" might be helpfull:

  • The problem is I don't think I want the pizz delayed