INSIDE album

Hi everybody,

Here is the soundtrack i composed for a contemporary dance show last year, about our lives during lockdown.

I used

  • electronic sounds from Ableton live,
  • Spitfire Chamber Strings library,
  • Spitfire Cinematic percussions and
  • a few LABS instruments, as voices and textures.

Wish you a good listening session, and the best for you and your families this year.


  • Nice - thanks for sharing - thought Final in particular was really joyful and came together beautifully.

  • I like it. Who are you working with?

  • Hi Yasuo, thanks for your listening.

    This show was created with adult dance students from the Lyon3 university-France. The choreographer is Thomas Guerry from the ARCOSM company (contemporary dance), with which i also work as onstage performer (and sometimes as one of the different composers).

    i also work with other different french companies (puppets, theatre, danse).

    And always looking for new collaborations :)

  • Hi slyRob, thanks for the information.

    Working with dance is fun. I also used to work as an onstage performer when Jean-Claude Gallotta directed a Japanese dance company. It was a long, long time ago, though. I also worked with some German choreographers.

  • Ah yes ???

    That's funny, yes i know a bit of Jean-Claude Gallota's work. I didn't know he directed a japanese company. Was it in Japan ? Do you know Frederic Lesalle or Françoise Bal-Goetz ? They both worked with him and are friends of mine.

    Where are you based ? In Japan ?

    So you are both dance-performer and musician-composer ?

  • He directed Shizuoka Performing Arts Center Dance Company in Japan from 1997 to 1999. So it's been so long since then. His original company was in Grenoble, of course. I might have been the worst dancer he could have. He took one of his dancers (Darrell) and teachers (Mirjam and Niki) to there. After the Japanese company ended, I once visited Grenoble and took summer morning class, and also took Mirjam's summer workshops in Istres and Aubenas in 2000. So, I was, maybe, a dancer. I was in Brussels from 2002 to 2006 and worked as a musician-dancer. Now I'm in Japan.

  • Nice :)

    I also practice danse a bit. I found it incredible to articulate body and music (that's what made me move from kungFu to contemporary dance ;)

    If you have stuff to share, it would be great to watch and listen !