Midi CC Logic Issue? [Solved]

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I'm sure this is a simple solution, but I can't figure it out. I'm asking on the Logic forum as well:

When I record a track using BBCSO, I start by setting the dynamic and expression faders to my preferred levels. As I adjust the fader, dynamics and expression adjust exactly like they should. The issue comes in playback:

I've discovered that until I adjust the faders, my dynamic always plays back at 0, resulting in a a volume jump when I start adjusting. My workaround has been to go into the CC data and draw the beginning CC data back to the start of the region, but this is tedious.

Any help much appreciated!

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    The plugin can only see the controller's value when it moves, so if there's no movement at the start of a region then the dynamics slider should just stay wherever it was left by the last change, e.g. by a previously-played region, or your moving the controller. If you start playback between two regions, then Logic will replay the earlier region's last controller change, so you'll start with dynamics wherever that earlier region left it... that is, as long as MIDI chase is enabled: "Project Settings", "MIDI" in the menu, "Chase" tab, "Control Changes" section, "0-15" checkbox (assuming modwheel is assigned to dynamics.)

    If it's the first region in a track, then you still get whatever dynamics was last set to, but this can be a bit hard to predict: sometimes it'll be the value from whatever region was last played in full, but sometimes it'll be zero because Logic sends a reset, including modulation=0, when playback stops inside a region. You can disable this reset by checking 'no reset' in the track's inspector, but the start value will still depend on what you last played, so I don't find this helps much with consistency.

    Best solutions I've found so far are: (1) adding a short empty region to the start of the track, to set initial values for expression, dynamics, vibrato, etc. As long as MIDI chase is working, any notes on the track will get those values until I add some controller changes - especially useful if I'm trying out regions dragged in from a different instrument, say. (2) If I'm recording, I also briefly wiggle the controllers as soon as I hit record, to lay down initial values. (3) Otherwise, I do what you do, and draw in an initial value!