What is this cello technique called and how to reproduce it ?


i am looking for the name of the cello technique used in this track - right from the start - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KitaIMUTKD0 , all the articulations names are still strange to me and i am not sure if that is a mix of articulation or a precise one…

I am trying to reproduce that kind of "touch" with Albion Solstice but without much succes until now. Any advice most welcome :)

Thanks a lot.

BTW i just spent the afternoon mapping all the Albion Solstice articulations for Logic Pro, if anyone interested i can drop it here.

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    @yes_that_sam I'm not an expert, but I believe these are ricochets- explained in this video below (albeit for Violin):

    You're in luck, because this specific technique is included in Solstice! Another way to emulate this with any other library is to use short notes on Tremolo articulations.