Cinematic Frozen Strings - NKS not working?

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The new Cinematic Frozen Strings is listed as NKS compatible, and indeed the installation folder contains a sub-folder full of .nksf files. But the instrument does not show up in the Komplete Kontrol menu, either stand-alone or DAW plugin version.

Can anyone confirm if this is a known issue or is it just me? Am on Mac, Big Sur 11.6.1


  • Don’t forget to authorize your purchase in Native Access and locate your media files. Then run Kontakt first and rescan your databases. Then try opening KC

  • This does not apply to Cinematic Frozen Strings - it's a Spitfire Originals product, not a Kontakt product.

    Can someone please respond on this?

  • The SA Originals Series don't go through Native Access, they don't come with NI serial numbers, so impossible to authorise with that method..

    Definitely an issue with Cinematic Frozen Strings with NKS, tried everything but still doesn't show up in KK.. Need an update please

  • Its working for me but only after I added a path to the folder via Kontakt.

  • Oh it's working for me too.. Just not in KK. I have to add it as an instrument through the menu, not through the Library on the left of the KK GUI

    NKS has nothing to do with Kontakt, so adding a path in Kontakt doesn't solve the NKS problem.. Normally these Originals just show up in KK and work fine.. Not this one unfortunately

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    Dont use Komplete Kontrol? Seriously though, I forgot this was their new VST. Did you run KK in stand alone? You'll need to do this first and rescan the factory library.

  • Not quite sure what you mean by add it as an instrument through the menu. If it doesn't show up in KK then there's something wrong somewhere. Good to know it's not just me, thanks.

  • Well, it seems to be an issue on my system as well. I don’t typically use NKS for orchestral libraries. Anyways I loaded it up in the stand alone version and it doesn’t seem to appear. Likely a bug. As was said before you can just hit the plug-in button, then hit the plus key and load Kontakt. From Kontakt just load your library.

  • Sorry, I meant adding an instrument using the little plus button in KK.. Scroll down to Spitfire Audio and there it is.. But it doesn't appear in the left side under All Instruments, so yes, definitely an issue somewhere..

  • Sorry - I feel like I'm reading two different things. Are you able to load libraries that come in the Spitfire Stand-alone app in Kontakt? I have a fair amount of Originals and being able to use them without the Spitfire app would streamline a lot of my workflow.

  • To clarify for everyone Native Instruments makes the industry standard sampler Kontakt. Kontakt comes in two flavors, a play version which is free and a full version which is not. Most of SpitFire Audio products were developed on one version of Kontakt or the other.

    Native Instruments also makes a product called Komplete Kontrol (I guess they dont like c's?). This product is effectively a VST /AU wrapper. It can run Kontakt or any number of AU, AAX, VST2, and VST3 instruments. VST2 is the most common and has been used for over 20 years. Its quickly being overtaken by VST3.

    Some may not realize that a lot of the instruments in the Native Instrument ecosystem are actually Kontakt instruments in that they are sampled. Most of these libraries arnt even made by Native Instruments.

    Spitfire has recently been releasing their products in their own VST3 plugin which Im especially fond of. I love Kontakt, but I love it when the developer of the engine and the developer of the instrument and sample recording are all under the same roof. I think it means better support and better products.

    You can run both Originals and the legacy Kontakt Spitfire instruments in Komplete Kontrol. You can even add your own FX chain after the plugin (Kontakt/Originals/BBCO etc). That said, I caution using Komplete Kontrol for orchestral music. I find it just gets in the way and eats up precious resources. Its great for many other things as has been previously said.

    hope that helps

  • I realise people are trying to help, but am not sure why Kontakt is being referenced in this thread, Cinematic Frozen Strings is not a Kontakt library, it's a Spitfire stand alone plugin which also features NKS functionality which should work with Komplete Kontrol.

    @iggyigoe Thanks for the clarification, I understand now and that looks like a partial work-around, but there is clearly a fault somewhere. If you want to load Cinematic Frozen Strings from the browser system on the KK keyboard (not using the software browser) then that method won't work.

  • I also have this problem.

    Although there is an NKS folder, it does not show up in the KK Browser. I have tried all options (Rescanning, deleting KK database file, Reinstalling etc. but no joy).

    You either have to go through files or instruments to get to the presets, which means you lose access to the preset button on the NI controllers like the M32.

    Some Originals Series work fine (Soft Piano, Int. Strings, Media) and appear in the browser but Frozen does not. Also some are not NKS compatible (Cinematic Percussion etc).

    It would be good if Spitfire Audio could keep the Original series consistent - all products NKS compatible and appear in KK browser. Does seem a bit odd to miss some out.

    Hope this is fixed soon and others can be updated to NKS.

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    I do agree about consistency although strangely my Frozen Strings does appear in my KK Browser using the "User button" - see attached screenshot. The puzzling thing also is that some of my Spitfire libraries appear in the main screen but others are in the user screen and some do not appear at all and have to be loaded via file and individual instrument.nki's. It is very confusing.I do like the Spitfire App - much better for my old eyes but the inconsistencies are annoying

    Perhaps someone from Spitfire could address this matter?

  • I can confirm I have success using the 'User Button' and adding the Frozen Strings folder and then hitting scan. Thx

    It is a bit all over the place with the Originals series, would be good if all of them were NKS compatible and all accessible from the same browser.

    I agree, maybe an update from Spitfire?

  • Am working through options with Spitfire support, who advise it works as intended at their end, but no joy so far.

    Great tip re. loading it via the User section - this works for me too. I will let Spitfire know, because clearly that's not how it's supposed to work!

  • Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in responding on this thread! This issue has been replicated on our end and raised with the developers as a result. As suggested previously, the library should be able to be scanned into the user section as a work around in the meantime. Please create a support ticket here if you need any help doing so.

  • As a heads up to what the issue is, it can happen to all NKS compatible libraries - the fix is easy enough to do:

    Spitfire Audio NKS Compatible library issue *solution* — Spitfire Audio