Logic pro X - One instrument per track (with all keyswitches). Information on the actual possibiliti


BBCSO (core and pro) libraries undeniably have a lot of qualities. Well done for that.

However, I find that composers like me who don't like having hundreds of tracks (one per articulation) and therefore prefer to work with the articulations set in only one track per instrument are struggling to find information. (Almost nothing in the pdf of the manual ... almost nothing in the video tutorials and in the forum).

I specify that I use LOgic 10.4.4 . Mojave and many other library with their articulations set.

I work a lot with the score editor of Logic Pro X (which I master) and I must say that I have the greatest difficulty for the moment to understand what it is possible to do or not (for direct record) with the BBCSOcore (that I really appreciate it).

An example: If I write by hand in the score (and in the piano roll) no problem to use the installed articulations sets. That works well ! On the other hand, if I record live I find the low notes for the keyswitch notes! (while the articulationsset is installed). Can we get better than that?

I imagine that we are several to dream that a member of the spitfire team can take stock of:

-1 / the midi adjustment parameters to be indicated in the LOgic preferences window and in the inspector of the main window (when you want to work in the way described above)..

-2 / How to switch from one articulation to another during a live recording while benefiting from the articulation set (and therefore not end up with the low notes in the piano roll or the score).

 So have a precise account of what it is possible (or not) to do for the moment with (core and pro) when you want to write orchestral music with one track per instrument (while using the ensemble articulations of this instrument for the record).

Lots of video tutorials and official information for BBSO exist on the site (thanks for that). Logic pro X is used a lot in videos (great). An additional tutorial (video or pdf) to take stock of what I am talking about could interest (may be) a lot of people..

Obviously I will adapt to the current technical constraints of the BBCSO (core) and I will monitor the future development of this bank. .

Thank you in advance for your opinions, your expert helpers (and the answer of the team). Answers which will allow me (us) to adapt my (our) way of working. This library really deserves this!

PS: I noticed for example that using violins 1 (legato) in direct recording allows for example then to adjust and choose finely in writing the desired articulations. This is already a good alternative technique for me..