Panning BBCSO:Core

Just wondering if people had tips to create a fairly decent panned mix for BBCSO:Core?

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  • Dickie_UK
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    Since picking up Core recently I was also looking into this and found a couple of resources that might be useful (I still have to validate these on a couple of my own projects so these are just to aid your investigation!);

    This one has general positions and some examples;

    This one has a more detailed mix parameters which try to map some levels to those positions

    For a very 'rough' setup I also found this outline at;

    which I think will probably be my starting point (and likely how I modify the base BBCSO template Christian and Spitfire provided on 'The Page')

    1st violins – halfway left

    2nd violins – less than halfway left, close to 1st but you should be able to tell them apart

    Violas – center or slightly right

    Celli – less than halfway right

    Basses – halfway right

    Trumpets – one third right

    Horns – one third left

    Trombones/tuba – halfway right

    Flutes/clarinets – slightly left

    Oboes/bassoons – slightly right

    Percussion – timpani and bass drum centered or to the left (so as not to clash with celli/basses), anything else to taste

  • HewWagner
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    Yeah, BBCSO is recorded already in its panned position so you don't need to pan it again, unless you're (for example) needing to match another library that was recorded with a wider or narrower stereo field. Some people do all sorts of interesting things with panned/positional reverbs and all that, but I'd suggest that unless you're a very experienced mixer you'll get the best results if you leave this sort of thing as is.

    Many early sample libraries were not recorded in their panned position (and recorded very dry) so you'd have to do a lot of work to get things in their proper position and make things sound like they were all in the same room together, which is where the info about this comes form.


  • KeithCocker123
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    This very interesting. However, my understanding was that BBCSO was recorded "panned". Is that not the case?

  • This is really interesting and could explain why my efforts to pan things have led to a really extra panned feel. Not very realistic. I will try resetting them all tonight and see what happens! This is excellent information, thank you so much!