Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings Professional: RAM usage and player crashing

I purchased the new app a few days ago, the sound seems brilliant but the player seems to be surprisingly unstable on my computer:

I'm running it in Logic Pro X on a M1 Mac Book Air with 16gb ram, the samples are installed on an external USB SSD connected via a thunderbolt hub.

My trials so far have only been limited with fairly small patches only using a couple articulations and microphone signals (pictures 1 and 2), still it seems like the player is trying to load more than that in to the RAM and the heavy RAM usage combined with the USB SSD seems to be crashing my Player and Logic session really easily.

After the crash it seems that Logics Audio Unit services have become unresponsible and often it seems the session will not open with out disconnecting and reconnecting the SSD first. So I'm suspecting some of the problem is related to the setup using an usb SSD via the hub.

The screenshots were taken mid load and the final RAM footprint before the session crashed crept up around 8GB. Is this normal or could there be something weird going on with the player. And do you have any tips on running the app more RAM efficiently?


  • KenJ
    edited January 2022

    I have a similar setup... Logic Pro X with Mac mini 16GB RAM. When I load Abbey Road Two with the same settings in your screenshots, my RAM usage is 1.71 GB.

    Have you optimized the library in the Spitfire app? Is there any change if you create an empty project and load just one track and instance of AR2?

  • I've run the Optimize function in the App. Also only one instance of the app running simultaneuously.

  • KenJ
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    Just to troubleshoot, what happens if you set the default preset to "none". This should load just the plug-in but without any samples. My plugin without samples uses 464 MB. Also check the preload settings. I've included what mine are set to.

  • Here's the situation after loading a new instance, into a new project, with an empty initial preset:

    so 64,9 MB loaded

    I load up a preset with 1 articulation (longs) and 1 microphone (CL Vint)

    305 mb

    Then lets try with 2 articulations (obviously going to add the flautandos :D ) My reasoning is that RAM usage should double:

    not doubled, just 468MB and switching between the articulations seems to work. So Obviously the player is something smart here.

    I'll move on to loading the preset I was using earlier: 4 articulations (long, sul pont and sul tasto) and 2 microphones (CL vint, St ribbon)

    1.29 GB but still very reasonable, especially when I guess the 2 microphones means 2 sets of samples will always be played per note)

    And so far no crashes like before. Nice, but a little weird, concidering earlier the player was crashing every few minutes while running in a session with a few audio tracks (4x "live" drums, 2x "live" guitars, sample-bass and sample wurly). Let's try loading that up again to see what happens.

    The samples start loading, albeit slowly. And the loading process continues up untill around 740 MB and after that:

    The system was not topped up yet:

    Let's try loading the same session again:

    This the player manages to load all the way through and RAM use is 1.30 GB as earlier in the empty project. The session plays with out crashes, for now, but I'm not trusting it not to crash any moment so saving often seem pretty necessary :D

    Lot's of stuff in the post, and not sure if anything has been learned :D

  • Wow, that is very odd behaviour. Just out of curiosity, have you tried connecting the SSD directly to the computer to eliminate the hub (or maybe you did but I missed it). It seems like the sample loading bit is what is causing the issue.

  • Unfortunately It's not possible yet (thank the good people at Apple who decided that USB connectivity is not needed...) But I'm suspecting that this might be related to the SSD somehow so I'm planning to get a Thunderbolt SSD just to be sure it would be nice to not have to use the dongle anyway since I'm in the habbit of forgetting it in places :D

  • Yes, I think you'll be very happy with a faster SSD. I'm running my Spitfire libraries off of a Samsung T7 connected via a CalDigit TS3+ dock. Load times are quite good and I haven't experienced any issues like you're having. Hopefully you'll get it sorted with the new drive. :)